Schizm Magazine / speculative brutalism N4

23rd of October 2018, 6pm until late

AM Flutgraben 3, C32

12435 Berlin


Reckless Hope / Test Issue Ten Exhibition

Since the last issue of Schizm was launched in March 2017, things have turned a corner and gone an extra kind of weird. A year and a half has been long enough for the craziness to settle in and become almost normal. 

Anything goes… The powerful are treating everyone like idiots & intelligent dialogue is drowned out by nonsensical and entrenched, sweeping declarations. Contradictory statements are commonly used as a tactic to manipulate information and undermine legitimacy. There is no longer the pretence that there is any need for accountability.

If everything is interconnected, and goal orientated anthropomorphism has resulted in dangerous imbalances in the natural world, to what extent is this inevitable and how can we intervene to change things? Can the human propensity to transcend the 'natural' order of things be held responsible for this perceived imbalance & is this imbalance even real in relation to the historical fullness of time? 

Utopia turns into dystopia, order into chaos... We have had to embrace a new kind of nihilism. If every system is dependant on it’s antagonism, we cannot blame or apportion sole blame on anything or anyone in particular. The interconnectedness of everything becomes overwhelmingly clear in the event and perception of chaos. Goal oriented life resolves in the Void.

Swarms, populations, (populism) murmuration: many into one, collectivity. The mass is subject to ebbs and flows, a conditioning and coming together which can be directed towards any antagonism or community and paradoxically become divisive. This is able to seriously undermine global forms of coexistence and bring about the demise of current disfunctional social and political structures. 

Is there hope for individual agency given the way the constructs of democracy have evolved and been developed in recent time, or is a reconfigured type of totalitarianism once again the next inevitable stage of our collective myopia? And what, if anything, can be done to avoid it, taking into consideration the speed with which developments in technology & society are now unfolding?


Thirty one invited contemporary artists responded to the thematic proposal above and sent in material for the exhibition, which was facilitated by speculative brutalism in Berlin. The pages were printed as posters and exhibited together on a large wall. In due course, some of the exhibited works will become part of Schizm Issue Ten, to be published in 2019.


Bob Ajar, Sam Basu, Iphgenia Baal, Manuela Barczewski, John Chilver, Colectivo Charco, Chris Coombes, Leslie Deere, Arnaud Desjardin, Lorena Herrera Rashid, Angie Hicks & Sean Parfitt, Paul Philipp Heinze, Kathi Hofer, Amanda Holmes, Nik Jaffe, Matthias Krause, Charlotte Law, Paul McDevitt, Christoph Meier, MIKLOWEIT, Simon Moretti, Ute Mueller, Nicola Pellegrini & Ottonella Mocellin, Olga Raciborska, Linda Reif, Hannes Ribarits, Max Ruf, Tomas Rydin, Giorgio Sadotti, Andreas Walden and Behind the X.

Images of the event on Instagram here / or to view photos of the exhibition here