Contents & Contributions:

Front Cover: Emma Holmes, Digital photograph, London 10-8-2011

Page 1: Editorial page incorporating digital contribution by Neil Fox.

Page 2: Filter Breaker; Program to download which allows access to internet sites that are filtered by goverments such as Iran, China etc. Translates from Farsee; ‘New Filter, Specialist site for de-activating filters’.

Page 3&4: “is it built around a formula?” Ami Clarke 2011. (Bradley Manning (bradass87) and Zach Antolak (ZJ), appropriated internet communications). ‘No one suspected a thing. (I) listened and lip-synched to Lady Gaga’s telephone while “exfiltrating” possibly the largest data spillage in American history” (Bradley manning)

Page 5&6: ‘El Pan Nuestro de Cada Dia’ (‘Our Daily Bread’), Carlos Tobar L., Claudio Perez, Juan Pablo Cardenas. Terranova Editores S.A. Santiago, Chile 21-11-1986

Page 7&8:  Roisin Byrne, ‘Untitled’, 2011

Page 9: John Chilver, ‘New Variant Emergency’, 9-8-11

Page 10&11: Giorgio Sadotti, ‘Bit of a Circle’, 2003

Page 12: Asterix & Obelix, Iderzo and Goscinney Editions. Translates from French; ‘I have decided to force them to accept this civilization! The forest will be destroyed to make way for a natural park!’

Page 13&14: Image captioned ‘A ghostly face appearing from a blank television screen” in Superminds by John Taylor copyright 1975, The Viking Press, New York. Contributed by Noah Angell.

Page 15: Jillian King, Digital photograph, ‘Subway Superhero’, New York 2010

Page16: Mike Andreae, Digital photograph, Sign at Tesco, Commercial St. London 2011

Page 17&18: Mile long dinning room at Chowmahalla’, 1945. Before it lay closed for 50 years, now recently re-opened as a luxury hotel chain. Photograph from the Nizam’s Collection.

Page 19&20: Barry Sykes, ‘Portrait Session (Borrowed Instruments I Cannot Play)’ 2010 (detail:667.jpg & 668..jpg)

Page 21&22: Stephen Setford, From a series of folded prints, 2011

Page 23&24: Soeren Poulsen spends 15 yrs building a 1.25 acre world map in Jutland, Denmark. Life Magazine, December 8 1958. Time Inc. U.S.A. Pg 20.

Page 25&26: Laura Oldfield Ford. Aylesbury Estate 2013/2000/1973.

Page 27: Matthew Stock, ‘Incident Point’, 2011

Page 28: Waldermar Pranckiewicz, Image from ‘Please Respond:’ project, 2011

Page 29&30: Bob Ajar, Digital photograph, 2009

Page 31: Honore Daumier, La Caricature, 3 October 1833. Translates from French; ’ Ah! You would meddle with the press!!’

Page 32: Shahin Afrassiabi, Cryptic Crossword, News of the World, July 10 2011 (Last Issue) Pg 47.                                                                     

Page 33: Contents & Contributions.

Page 34: Map of fuel tanks on Boeing airplane, ‘Powerplant Mechanic’, Pan American Navigation Service, Inc. 1980 U.S.A. Pg 284.

Back Cover: Cowgirls from Illinois & Idaho, 1898. ‘Cowgirls’, Candice Savage, Bloomsbury GB. 1996 Pg 18.