Please join us for the launch of Schizm Magazine Issue Eight on Friday, 2nd of October 2015 (7-9pm)

At : X Marks the Bökship, Matt’s Gallery, 42-44 Copperfield Road, London E3 4RR

Reading by Iphgenia Baal at 8pm

This Deluxe version of Schizm Magazine, (Perfect bound, with colour images and foldouts) includes contributions by 23 contemporary artists and writers. As a thematic proposal the editor suggested:

SKEPTICAL UNCERTAINTIES (false truths & honest lies)


Bob Ajar, Pedro Diego Alvarado, Aureliano Alvarado, Sam Basu, Manuela Barczewski, Iphgenia Baal,

John Chilver, Paul Philipp Heinze, Thomas Helbig, Jaakko Juhani Karhunen, Paul Johnson, George Macbeth, Christoph Meier, Sascha Mikloweit, Mocellin Pellegrini, Pages, Tomas Rydin, Adam Rompel, Fiona Sarison,

Barry Sykes, Eleanor Vonne Brown, Markus Vater.

Issue Eight, First Edition 300 Copies


Schizm Magazine invites you to join us for the London Schizm 7 launch event - an evening of drinks and music -

taking place in a soon-to-be demolished office block.

at: Punk&Sheep, 30 Marsh Wall, Canary Wharf, London E14 

on: Saturday 12th April 2014, (8-11pm)

Live set by Manuela Barczewski at 9:30pm


Please join us for the New York Launch of Schizm Magazine Issue Seven

On: Saturday, 1st of March 2014 (6-9pm)

At : The HDFC, 211 West 10th Street, New York, NY 10014

Issue Seven includes contributions by sixteen contemporary artists & writers. This issue features a transatlantic collaboration presenting material from ten contributors based in the USA invited by Bob Ajar, as well as works by additional invited & regular contributors from Mexico, France and the UK.

The winter 2013-14 issue is themed around downward mobility, economic folly and status anxiety.

As a thematic idea the editor proposed:



Bob Ajar (NY), Jessica Bard (NY), Sam Basu (FR), Paul Birbil (NY), David Burrows (LND), John Chilver (LND), Lisa Conrad (CA), Nina Katchadourian (NY), James Chance (MEX), Jon Kinzel (NY), Roy Kortick (NY), Emily Kuenstler (CA), Cedar Lewisohn (LND), Drea Marks (MA), Francesca Mannoni (NY), & Elizabeth Tisdale (NY)

Issue Seven, First Edition 300 copies


Please join us for the Launch of Schizm Magazine Issue Six and Film Screening on Friday, 5th of July 2013(6:30-9:00pm) at Banner Repeater, Platform 1. Hackney Downs Station, Dalston Lane, London E8 1LA

At 8:30pm there will be a screening of short films by:

Shahin Afrassiabi, Noah Angell, Tom Lock and Ciarán Ó Dochartaigh.

This Spring 2013 issue of Schizm includes contributions by fifteen contributors. As a thematic idea for issue Six the editor proposed:

ACCESS/EXCESS (coercion, proliferation & mutation)


Bob Ajar, Maziar Afrassiabi, Sam Basu, Matt Calderwood, John Chilver, Rhys Coren, Patrick Coyle,

Arnaud Desjardin, Catherine Hughes, Thomas Lock, Paul McDevitt, Sean Parfitt, Cornelius Quabeck,

Chico Stockwell and Katarina Zdjelar.

Issue Six, First Edition 300 copies


Please Join us for the Launch of Schizm Magazine Issue Five on Sunday 23rd of September at 4:00pm at the Whitechapel Gallery, in the Foyle reading room where Publish and be Damned is located, as part of the London Art Book Fair 2012.



This autumn issue of Schizm incorporates contributions by eleven contributors. As a thematic idea for issue Five the editor proposed;

NON-TIME (shock, interruption & suspension)


Noah Angell, Sam Basu, John Chilver, Martin John Callanan, Chris Coombes, Michael Hampton, Nik Jaffe, Gareth Jones, James Low, Clunie Reid, Daniel James Wilkinson.

Issue Five, First Edition 300


Schizm Magazine was exhibited at the Whitechapel Gallery as part of The London Open, July-Sep 2012.

Emma Holmes, http://www.whitechapelgallery.org/exhibitions/the-london-open

An unannounced performance and intervention took place during the launch of Schizm Issue Four, at X Marks the Bökship on the 27th of April 2012. This work has been devised by Sascha Mikloweit in correspondence to his contribution to the magazine. For more information please visit;


Schizm Navigation Manual: Available at the front desk of the Whitechapel gallery during the London Open exhibition, for children of all ages with games, activities & info related to the exhibition.

Download here: http://www.whitechapelgallery.org/downloads/testing/Nav_Manual_low_res.pdf

Or click on image to view.


Article and interview with Emma Holmes about Schizm, August 2012.

By Hanne Hagenaars for Dutch magazine Mr Motley:


Schizm Issue 3 was included in the lll Moscow International Biennale. A special display of selected self published print runs under the title “Alternatives in Print”, was installed within the main show of the Biennale at The Central House of Artists. Curated by Kathrin Becker, the exhibition opened on July 10th 2012.

This Spring Bumper 80 page issue of Schizm Magazine incorporates material from fifteen past contributors and fifteen new contributors. As a thematic idea or working subject for issue Four the editor proposed;

NOW (obsolescence, regeneration & criticality)


Bob Ajar, Shahin Afrassiabi, Michael Andreae, Noah Angell, Caline Aoun, Mike Ballard, Sam Basu, Manuela Barczewski, Paul Buck, John Chilver, Ami Clarke, Craig Cooper, Alexandre Da Cunha, Doyle and Mallinson, Alasdair Duncan, Deborah Farnault, Charles Gute, Michael Hampton, Friederike Hamann, Ed Jones, Dean Kenning, Sara Knowland, Cedar Lewisohn, Leonard Manasseh, Alastair Mackinven, Sascha Mikloweit, Anne Redmond, Giorgio Sadotti and Stephen Setford.

Issue Four, First Edition 300 copies.


Please Join us for the Launch of:


Friday 27th of April 2012, 7-9pm at:

X Marks the Bökship, Shop 3, 210 Cambridge Heath Rd. London E2

8pm:’A Sort Of Open Secret’ by Barry Sykes

This short lecture will be a fearless attempt by Barry to invert his artistic practice; quantifying its financial viability by refracting it through the prism of the entire animal kingdom.

Launch Friday 23rd of September 2011, 7-9pm

at; Banner Repeater, Platform 1. Hackney Downs Station, Dalston Lane, London E8 1LA

Keeping in mind a definition of schism as engaging with ideas about discordancy and paradox, fifteen contributors were invited to submit material towards its production.

For issue Three the editor proposed as a working theme;


‘Crossing the line’, Is there a line? who defines it? How does this definition change? What are it’s limits?


Shahin Afrassiabi (London), Bob Ajar (New York), Mike Andreae (London), Noah Angell (London),  Roisin  Byrne (London), John Chilver (London), Ami Clarke (London), Neil Fox (New York), Jillian King (New York), Laura Oldfield Ford (London), Waldemar Pranckiewicz (London), Giorgio Sadotti (London), Stephen Setford (London), Matthew Stock (London), Barry Sykes (London).

Issue Three, 1st Edition 250 copies



*ISSUE ONE LAUNCH*                                                                                         30-08-2010

Schizm magazine is a compilation of images and texts edited together by Emma Holmes, using the model of the zine as a vehicle to produce a publicly distributed collection of ideas with the most direct & affordable means available.

The mission of Schizm magazine is to present a self published assortment of material, purposefully edited to emphasize ideas about representation through images and texts, giving prominence to the unrestrained & impromptu collecting of material.

Issue one wasn’t made with a specific theme that can be pinpointed (though future issues may be thematic), however the aesthetics of the snapshot & collage, instructive text book & catalogue extracts and some images of particular moments in time give direction to the overall appearance of the publication.

This first issue works as a blue print to use for future issues.

Schizm will be inviting future collaborators for the next issue to be published in jan/feb 2011 and subsequently become available bi-annually.

1st Edition 100 Copies

2nd Edition 200 Copies

Issue One First Edition Schizm Magazine includes; Madame Wang Issue 0 Poster Insert.

Madame Wang is a forthcoming journal directed towards our interest in dispersed practices, migration, co-action and various forms of recursive approaches to art that are testing the ability of arts infrastructure to acknowledge or host them. Madame Wang comes from artists talking to each other and working together, we believe that these methodologies demand new approaches to what an institution is and what the arts can do.


Madame Wang is Craig Cooper and Sam Basu. Cooper is an artist living and working in London. Basu is an artist and director of Treignac Projet, based in the Correze, France.

Launch on Sat. March 12th 2011, 5-7pm at; X marks the bokship, Shop 3, 210 Cambridge Heath Rd. London E2


In Issue Two, fifteen contributors were invited to submit material towards it’s production. The editor proposed as a working theme or recurring unifying element;

TIME DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT, (Idealism, Legitimacy & Representation)

From images that imagine the ideal, to text book illustrations conveying information, the magazine compiles email correspondence, diagrams, photographs, drawings, texts etc, collecting, mixing and balancing these responses to ideas concerning time and our place in it.


Bob Ajar (New York), Manuela Barczewski (London), Sam Basu (Treignac), Ami Clarke (London), John Chilver (London), Alexandre Da Cunha (London), Craig Cooper (London), Alasdair Duncan (London), Kevin Hutcheson (Glasgow), ‘idonthaveyourmarbles’ (London), Ed Jones (London), Cedar Lewisohn (London), Alastair Mackinven (London), Nicola Pellegrini & Ottonella Mocellin (Milan), Matt Packer (Cork), Clunie Reid (London).

1st Edition 200 Copies

2nd Edition 200 Copies


Please join us for the launch of Schizm Magazine Issue Nine on Wednesday, 8th of March 2017 (6:30-9pm)

At: Marcus Campbell Books, 43 Holland Street, London SE1 9JR

Reading by Sam Basu at 7:30 pm

As a thematic proposal the editor suggested:

DUPLICITY (Polarisation & Truthiness)


Naomi Afrassiabi, Bob Ajar, Noah Angell, Sam Basu, Simona Brinkmann, Arnaud Desjardin, John Chilver,

Luke Dowd, Patrick Goddard, Kathi Hofer, Catherine Hughes, Nik Jaffe, Tibor Kuo, Agata Madejska,

Benja Sachau & Fiona Sarison.

Issue Nine, First Edition 200 Copies



RECKLESS HOPE is an exhibition and event taking place on the 23rd October 2018 at:

AM Flutgraben 3, Berlin 12435.

Thirty one invited contemporary artists responded to the theme Reckless Hope, sending in material for the test issue Ten exhibition. The works will be re-edited and published in:

Schizm Magazine Issue Ten coming soon!


Bob Ajar, Sam Basu, Iphgenia Baal, Manuela Barczewski, John Chilver, Colectivo Charco, Chris Coombes, Leslie Deere, Arnaud Desjardin, Lorena Herrera Rashid, Angie Hicks & Sean Parfitt, Paul Philipp Heinze, Kathi Hofer, Amanda Holmes, Nik Jaffe, Matthias Krause, Charlotte Law, Paul McDevitt, Christoph Meier, MIKLOWEIT, Simon Moretti, Ute Mueller, Nicola Pellegrini & Ottonella Mocellin, Olga Raciborska, Linda Reif, Hannes Ribarits, Max Ruf, Tomas Rydin, Giorgio Sadotti, Andreas Walden and Behind the X.

Reckless Hope / spbr N4, is part of the speculative brutalism program, which is facilitated by MIKLOWEIT


Music by Marbod & discoish.it / Drinks by Meuffels Wine

For more details and photos, please click here


Please join us for the launch of Schizm Magazine Issue Ten on Sunday, 8th of December 2019 (3-6pm)

At: ASP5, ICA,The MAll, London SW1Y 5AH

As a thematic proposal the editor suggested:



Iphgenia Baal, Manuela Barczewski, Sam Basu, Behind The X, John Chilver, Colectivo Charco, Chris Coombes,

Paul Philipp Heinz, Kathi Hofer, Nik Jaffe, Matthias Krause, Christoph Meier, Paul McDevitt, MIKLOWEIT,

Simon Moretti, Ute Müller, Nicola Pellegrini & Ottonella Mocellin, Giorgio Sadotti, Andreas Walden and

Alex F. Webb.

Issue Ten, First Edition 200 Copies